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You have gifts, talents, expertise and talents you want to share with your patients and the world. Too often the business side of your practice becomes an unfortunate distraction and obstacle. Adding to the frustration can be a feeling of isolation as sole proprietors and entrepreneurs. These programs come with a community of like-minded practitioners with whom you can collaborate, share resources, and feel supported.

Join a community so you don't have to go at it alone anymore.

There is strength in numbers. When you join the Ultimate Practice Playbook program you will get six months of community support, endless resources, referrals, strategies, ideas and a-ha moments.

Ultimate Practice Playbook

The digital programs that make up the Ultimate Practice Playbook were currated while working with thousands of practitioners and business owners in nearly two decades. It includes hours and hours of pre-recorded strategy, step by step instructions, motivation, inspiration, resources, tools, recommendations for all aspects of your practice AND ways to scale your business, your life and have a bigger impact in the world. This is, by far, the best option for taking yourself and your business to the next level. We will work on mindset, business structures, time management, life purpose and so much more in this program. This is a monthly membership program. Stay for as long as you want and find value. No lengthy contracts or strings attached. I'm here for YOU, the person that holds the space for your patients and business.



Ultimate Practice Playbook

Everything! You will have lifetime access to the pre-recorded modules and six months of live coaching which takes place weekly. Scale your practice, create multiple revenue streams, offer online courses and/or programs, grow your practice, business and impact on the world. Build confidence, business acumen and expand into a greater version of yourself with the programs in this bundle. Endless MIE comes with the program as well: Motivation, Inspiration and Encouragement. All you need is one new idea or an a-ha moment to change the trajectory of your life in the direction of your dreams and desires.


This is my signature 6-month coaching program that comes with digital modules and weekly live coaching delivered via Zoom. This program is a perfect fit if you want to have more impact and income.


Marketing CAN be easy, fun and it certainly doesn't have to take you hours and hours or cost you tons of money! I created this program to make your life easier - so you can do more of the things you enjoy.


In this two hour easy to understand mini-program I will give you the short cuts to saving yourself tens of thousands of dollars and hours and hours of your time when trying to find your ideal practice location.


This practice-building program includes 6 modules to help you take your business to the next level.


The Gifts into Gold Program is a Simple 3 Step Process to find your purpose, and possibly even your calling, in life.
What is the difference? John Maxwell says that your calling is your purpose with a divine touch. In this fun little self-paced workshop Doctor East will guide you through a three-step process to reveal your calling.


Do you want to take your wellness & health practice, business, product or brand to the next level? This is a great place to start if you know you need or want to make some changes and you want to examine all your options in doing so. In 4 pre-recorded modules we will focus on specific situation(s). Learn by what is shared and discussed. You will come away with a clear plan and direction that will genuinely excite you.


Lighthouses shine bright so that boats far, far away can find them. In this program we will discover your lighthouse so you may attract more of your ideal patients and clients. Going through this exercise alone can get you significantly more patients, clients, business, money and happiness. Your lighthouse will include what, how, where and why…What types of patients/conditions you enjoy treating, how you like to share your gifts with the world, where you hold your practice and why you are in business. This is a powerful program and a great place to start taking yourself to the next level.


Making multiple 6-figures consistently year after year can be easy when you understand the 80/20 rule: 80% of your success depends on mindset, 20% on aligned action. This program contains the necessary steps to creating abundant revenue streams while adhering to this 80/20 rule. You will be provided with a downloadable workbook to use while going through the program.


My friend Sean Webb of Mind Hacking Happiness grew his following to nearly 2 million followers. When I asked him to help me do the same and he started to give me the steps I asked him to stop and create a 2 hour masterclass so you can learn from him as well! In this masterclass he shares his secrets of success with you and me so that we can grow our following effectively and quickly.

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Sign up now and you will receive additional resources on hiring associates and selling your practice. In addition you will gain access to some of our past mastermind recordings which are rich in resources and strategies.


Onboarding & Hiring Associates

Within the portal for this program I have loaded onboarding documentation for hiring associates.


Practice Valuation and Selling Your Practice

Within the portal for this program I have loaded resources for selling your practice which include a practice evaluation download and resources for that possibility.


AI Output

Over the past year we have created a ton of content using AI. This can be found in the portal as well and is your 3rd bonus in signing up.



About Dr. East

With a commitment to helping others actualize their full potential and wellbeing, I have been a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine since 1999. In 2013 I obtained my doctorate in acupuncture and oriental medicine and since 2018 I have dedicated myself to holding a space for people like you – the ones holding a space for so many people in the world. Who holds a space for you? Who sees all of you and your highest potential? Who will motivate, inspire and encourage you to fulfill your mission on this planet? I DO!

Over the years, my private practice has focused on the use of East Asian Medicine, nutrition and aromatherapy in the treatment of fertility, anti-aging/rejuvenation, sports therapy, and over-all well-being. For several years I worked with the San Diego Fertility Center offering pre and post Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) treatments and for two years I was part of the Mind Body Medical Group at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. I speak on Radiant Aging: Ancient and Modern Day Secrets to Longevity and Living Your Best Life as well as MIE for Health and Wellness Practitioners – Motivation, Inspiration and Encouragement. Let’s face it, health and wellness practitioners need to have their own mind, body and souls filled so that they can continue to do the same for others. That’s my specialty. Let’s work together to not only take you to the next level in your business and life, but to tether you to your CALLING IN LIFE.

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Every month you postpone this kind of coaching, you leave money on the table and you risk falling deeper into ruts, bad business habits and a deeper sense of isolation in running your business. You don't have to do it all alone! Come join us and feel the support from the group and information shared in this program.

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Top features

  • Once you sign up you get instant access to all of the programs, modules, bonuses and resources.
  • We meet as a mastermind on Mondays from 12pm to 2pm Pacific time
  • Gain access to some of our past mastermind recordings which are rich in resources and strategies.
  • Weekly live coaching
  • No minimums, contracts or strings attached. Stay as long as you want.

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